In searching for nutritional and lifestyle counselling, Katia was more than I was looking for. I was looking for someone to give me an outline on the healthy diet choices to enable me to live a healthy lifestyle. In Katia I found this and so much more. I have now learn not only what a healthy diet is, truly is, but also how that healthy diet fits my life. There is many ways in which a person can go about living a healthy lifestyle but not all those approaches may fit everyone. From Katia, I have now attained the knowledge and understanding of the healthy approach fit for my life as well as gained a friend and supporter. I truly feel that she cares about how I am doing and enjoys seeing my improvements from visit to visit. I would recommend her to anyone in search of this kind of counseling, a friend, family member, or stranger, and would have no doubt that they would receive the same kind of help and encouragement as I have. 

C.F Appleby College 

When I walked into Katia's office for a nutrition consultation, I didn't expect things to turn out the way they have. I just wanted a bit of help to eat healthier and provide a healthier example for my four children. Katia didn't tell me I needed to make drastic changes…we just worked one week at a time to build a healthier lifestyle. We started with food and exercise and some small homework challenges along the way.
And now we are looking at other influencing factors that can help me live a more peaceful and fulfilling lifestyle. Katia has helped me unclutter my life and my home. She's helped me to step up my game and look after myself.
I am a different person now. I am looking at my own personal goals - one step at a time. I have a healthier lifestyle and outlook, complete with better eating habits and a daily exercise routine. Katia took me from thinking about change to making it happen. Thank you Katia! 

Debbie Saidyfye
Account Executive

Thank you Katia you are very professional, we loved your seminar! The information provided will be very helpful in our life!

Pat Francis, Kingdom Covenant Centre 

Dear Katia: Thank you very much for helping all the ladies in their makeover. Your seminar was very professional and fun! Thank you again, 

Women in Business University of Toronto 

Katia's presentations on Nutrition, Motivation, and Image were excellent additions to our summer camps. I received excellent feedback from our campers and many of their parents! Katia was able to speak to the swimmers (who ranged in age from 6-17) at their level, and relate to them in a way that helped them make sense of the important information she was communicating. I hope that we can continue working with Katia in the future. Thanks again Katia! 

Jennifer Scott, Head Coach, Burlington Synchronized Swimming Club (BSSC) 

What Is A Life Coach?

Life Coaching is about understanding, teaching and guiding you to achieve the best version of yourself. 

As your Life Coach I work with you, creating a realistic and sustainable plan to close the gap between where you are in the present moment and where you envision your better self in the future. My natural methodology is planned to be consistent with the achievement of your results.

Relationship Coaching

Relationship coaching can provide lasting positive change in your social day-to-day interactions. I help you identify the root causes of your relationship challenges, and create positive results. Some examples of relationship coaching include;

  • Trust Challenges
  • Dating
  • Communication Challenges
  • Blended Families
  • Grief and Loss
  • Intimacy Challenges

Life Transition Coaching

We are all in a transition at some point in our lives, feeling stuck, or wanting to make that life changing decision. Transition and changes are opportunities for personal growth I help you through guidance and counseling to make the transition easier, happier and healthier. 

I help clients get through life transitions and make difficult or challenging decisions. 

In life we face obstacles, how we deal with them is what makes us grow and makes us stronger. Some examples of life transitions are:

  • Raising children and caring for elderly parents
  • Facing an “empty nest”
  • Mid-life change
  • Retirement
  • Relocating
  • Career Change

Teen & Kids Coaching

In contrast to therapy, where the therapist is seen as the expert, coaching is a collaborative effort between coach, and your teen. Katia’s focus is on helping your teen create a vision of the life they would like to create, and supporting them in their journey towards that goal. 

Coaching teens, helping them navigating the trials, challenges and transitions of adolescence. In Katia’s words “With two teens of my own, this is one of the joys of my work”. Teens nowadays have high academic pressures, poor role models, teen dramas, and communication challenges. They need help with:

  • Teen self acceptance
  • Teen body image
  • Teen self esteem
  • Difficult family relationships
  • Direction and future planning
  • Preparing for university
  • Time management

Email: katia@katiaponce.com  / Tel: (416) 558-7333