Katia Ponce

Life Coach / Nutritionist

Image Consultant / Yoga Instructor

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Email: katia@katiaponce.com

(416) 558-7333

Email: katia@katiaponce.com  / Tel: (416) 558-7333

"Internally Happy, Externally Shining"

Katia Ponce has worked with her clients around the world helping them to improve their life to live up to their maximum potential – both internally and externally.  

Through her passion, knowledge and expertise in Holistic Life Coaching, Executive & Corporate Coaching, Lifestyles, Nutrition and Image Management Katia has successfully empowered and improved the lives of her clients.

How Katia Helps Internally

I guide my clients by working with them to create a clear internal vision, identify and help develop personal goals, define and plan specific, necessary actions to achieve them. I help to clarify their fears, obstacles and self-doubt, working professionally to help them face and solve them in a holistic, realistic way.

How Katia Helps Externally

My holistic approach has brought powerful results to the lives of a broadly aged, male and female clientele. Through my external methodologies I provide focus through Image Management, the applied process and practice of improving your own personal image through fitness, nutrition, grooming, fashion and mental attitude. 

“I believe the most important part of our Image is the one we have of ourselves, if we feel great we are going to project that feeling! The best way you are going to look your best is to feel your best!! Feeling your best comes from living the best way you can through good thoughts, good actions and overall good health!” 

Are you feeling and looking the best you can? Yes, it is a fact we react to what we see. Living in a world that makes quick judgments our first impressions can shape and impact the success of our day-today interactions and opportunities.